ReHome Your Pet

We recieve multiple requests, daily, to save pets who are in shelters, or in need of a new home due to other circumstances. Our facility, and foster home(s), remain at full capacity. There are simply too many pets needing help and not enough adopters, or people who are willing to foster.

We can only help as many dogs as we have room & resources for. Sadly, we rarely find ourselves with an empty kennel. Unwanted, abandoned, or abused animals just keep showing up. We don't even get a chance to pull urgent dogs from the shelter! We are overwhelmed, almost on a daily basis, with very few people offering to help. This is the reality every shelter and rescue in this area faces.

Shelters, especially those local to us, are completely overburdened with pets and thousands end up being euthanized due to lack of space. Please do whatever you need to do to keep your pet with you. Surrendering a pet to a shelter is incredibly stressful and frightening, and there is no guarantee they will make it out alive. They will be surrounded by hundreds of other pets who are crying, shaking, and barking, wondering where their families are. You are your pets' family. Please don't break the promise of forever to them.

If you are absolutely out of options and have no other choice but to find a new place for your pet, we would like to refer you to 'Rehome'.

It is an amazing new tool designed through the Petco Foundation to help pets go from their current home directly to their new adopter without ever entering a shelter, placing additional burden on a rescue, or ending up in dangerous hands via a classified site. It guides individuals who are rehoming a pet and gets their pet seen by thousands of potential adopters on Please visit the link above and they will guide you through the process of finding a new home. We hope your pet gets the happily-ever-after that every pet deserves

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